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Norwalk Youth Sports (NYS) was established in 1962 under the auspices of the Southeast Japanese School & Community Center (SEJSCC) in Norwalk, California.

The Southeast Japanese School and Community Center was founded in 1925, under the name of the Southeast Japanese Language School. Many years later, the members and supporters of the Southeast Japanese Language School had a vision to tear down and reconstruct a deteriorating building of the old language school. In 1977, a new school building was reopened and gymnasium was added. The language school was rededicated as a Japanese school and community center.

Today, we are fortunate that those members and supporters had the vision to see that the gymnasium would become a focal point of the surrounding Japanese-American community.

While the gymnasium is an important part of our organization, the most important part is our members. The success of NYS is based upon the dedication and volunteer efforts of each of our parents and participating youth. There are no paid officers and/or staff to run our organization. We depend on all of our members to provide the leadership and guidance to determine policies and formulate procedures.

Southeast Japanese School & Community Center